Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has announced that Canada-based Chrono Aviation (Chrono) has signed a contract for an AEI B737-800SF freighter conversion.

The aircraft (MSN 30748) is scheduled to commence modification in June 2022.

Upon redelivery of this order, Chrono will have a fleet of two AEI B737-800SF freighters, one company owned and another leased.

The AEI converted B737-800SF freighter offers a main deck payload of up to 52,700 lbs. (23,904 kg) and incorporates eleven full height 88” x 125” container positions, plus an additional position for an AEP/AEH.

The conversion also incorporates new floor beams aft of the wing box, a large 86” x 137” Main Cargo Door with a single vent door system.

AEI’s forward-thinking design allows for containers to be loaded into the aircraft a full 16.5” aft of the forward door jamb, ensuring ground operators have sufficient maneuvering room which minimizes potential door and aircraft strikes.

Additionally, the AEI B737-800SF includes a flexible Ancra Cargo Loading System, a rigid 9g barrier, five supernumerary seats as standard, a galley, and full lavatory.


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