In yet another successfully equine transport operation, Turkish Cargo transported 63 horses from Chicago to Istanbul safely, 59 of which were shipped at the same time.

The horses were brought in comfort from Chicago to Istanbul by making use of specially designed 21 stalls (dedicated horse barns) with non-skid surface and oval edges. Since they are not allowed to be transported unattended as per international regulations, the horses were accompanied by their keepers and the IATA Live Animals Regulation (LAR) certificated Turkish Cargo personnel during the flight in a way ascertaining the conditions in the sky similar to the conditions in their natural living environments by exercising maximum care.

In respect of the live animal shipment service, Turkish Cargo takes the IATA LAR (International Air Transport Association, Live Animals Regulations) as reference for its acceptance, storage and shipment processes it offers to its customers in 127 countries worldwide. And, all the while, the global air cargo brand continue to implement the documentation, packaging, labeling and marking rules, as specified in the said regulations, strictly during the course of shipment of live animals.


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